Online seminar 
about measurement 
of air quality

Choose a date that suits you and sign up for an interactive webinar, where we will introduce you to the current possibilities of air quality measurement.

Seminar topics

  • system for effective and economical monitoring of meteorological conditions and air quality
  • Benefits of hyperlocal air quality measurement in real time
  • Making the measured data available to citizens directly on the website of your city or municipality
  • SMS notification when hygienic limits are exceeded
  • ... and other topics according to your interest and questions

Registration for the online seminar

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Benefits of an online seminar

  • Safe participation from the comfort of your home or office
  • We are dedicated only to you
  • Plenty of time to discuss specific questions
  • The seminar is completely free of charge
  • Every weekday, choose from 4 times or
  • Individual date according to your possibilities