In Přeštice, we ordered the Agdata service, which monitors weather and air pollution, for several reasons. Displaying data over time and its history is a basic feature that provides an overview of both the city management and its citizens. This data is crucial for further processing. In this respect, our goal is to enable citizens who need it (asthmatics, cardiacs, etc.) to order reports of exceeding the set limits, for example for particulate matter. Further processing of measured data and their involvement in more global structures will certainly appear in the near future. I therefore assume that we will continue to use the Agdata service in the future.

Marek Krivda
Monitored parameters


Citizens in our city are suffering from increased dust in some localities, caused, among other things, by the activities of local industrial enterprises. We have installed sensors from Agdata in the most critical places and we have up-to-date information about the amount of particulate matter in the air. We also installed a weather station. Thanks to the simple connection of monitoring stations with the city's website, citizens have up-to-date information on air and weather available at all times.

Bc. Daniel Dvořák
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Air quality and the associated health of the city's inhabitants are very important to us. For this reason, we have decided to monitor air quality in our city. Monitoring allows us to monitor concentrations of particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ground-level ozone in the air. The measured data is stored and shared on the website of the municipal authority. Decisive for the choice of Agdatacity was, among other things, the price of the service, which is an order of magnitude lower than for alternative services on the market.

Bc. Vondráčková Lenka
Air protection, water authority
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Partizánské (Slovakia)

We decided to use the air monitoring service from Agdata s.r.o. in order to inform people in what environment they live and what they breathe. Environmental protection, air quality protection and water quality protection in river flows in the city are areas that our municipality has been working on since 2011. Due to the fact that we are located in a region that is heavily tested by the chemical and energy industries, we decided to take advantage of the opportunities provided to us by Agdata. Near the town there is, for example, the Nováky coal-fired power plant, which has been contributing to unfavorable air in our town for many years, with the worst situation being during operational experiments, when sulfur dioxide concentrations exceeded the maximum permitted limits tenfold. The advantage of the service is that the measured data are published on the city's website and the history of the measured data can be downloaded at any time for the selected period and evaluated. Another positive service from Agdata s.r.o. is a price that is significantly lower compared to the competition and can be afforded by smaller cities and towns.

doc. PaedDr. Jozef Božik, PhD.
lord mayor
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Our city participated in the project because the topic of air quality is one of our current issues. This is due to the quantity and rate of emission sources (industry to a small extent, local heating sites and especially transport) and the occurrence of adverse immisive situations in the winter months (related to geographical, climatic and meteorological conditions – e.g. the formation of local inversions). It is also common knowledge that car transport has now, due to its growth, entered sectors with a dynamically growing negative impact on the quality of the environment. This is also the case in our city, where the major road leads through the city center. That is why we have placed one monitoring station in a traffic-burdened part of the city and the other as a back-up station in a less loaded area. This will give us more valuable and comprehensive data about our city monitoring the overall state of the environment.

We chose this quality system in the form of two monitoring stations in Třebíč mainly because of its simplicity, reliability and economic advantage.

Pavel Vosátka
Head of the Department of the Environment in Třebíč
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Weather and precipitation in general are an important topic in our village, because Číhalín is a purely agricultural village. Therefore, we have been thinking for a long time about how to provide farmers from the area with the necessary precipitation data or information about the water level in the soil. We chose the Agdata system mainly due to the fact that it is user-friendly and the weather station itself is of an pleasant size. We appreciate that we have accurate and up-to-date data that everyone can find online on the community's website. Due to the fact that Číhalín is a small village with limited resources, the price was also decisive for us and when comparing all the offers, Agdata is the cheapest and at the same time the best service of all. Our citizens praise the detailed information, so we would like to recommend Agdata to other municipalities or cities.

Ing. František Holub
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Petrovice u Karviné

By participating in the project, we can offer citizens online information about air quality in our village. At the same time, it is not the best here for a long time. The sensors are located in three parts of the village, where our school and preschool facilities are located. We can thus provide these institutions with important information about the current state of the air so that they can safely carry out their outdoor activities with children. From the point of view of the municipality, the low operating costs of the system are also very important, which are more advantageous than similar systems on the market.

Marian Lebiedzik
Monitored parameters


Popůvky is a village located about 10 km west of Brno and is the only one in the Czech Republic divided by the body of the D1 motorway. We have built a school and kindergarten in close proximity to this highway, so we welcomed Agdata City's offer to measure air quality in our village. We currently have three sensors in the village that allow us to monitor the air condition. We can communicate operationally with the school and kindergarten management, when it is not advisable to ventilate or stay outdoors.

Miluše Červená
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